Blog #01 My Sketchbook Upgrade

I’ve been drawing for a long time with a regular sketchbook, pencils & fine-liner pens. Last week however I bought myself a present…

It’s an XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro & I love it. It sure makes drawing & colouring my comics a lot easier & faster.

I had a Wacom tablet some years ago but it didn’t have a screen to draw on. I simply couldn’t coordinate drawing on a separate surface from what I was looking at on my laptop screen.

A tablet with a draw on screen makes the process so simple

10 replies on “Blog #01 My Sketchbook Upgrade”

I use a Wacom and the first time I used it, I was like “no way this will work”. That weird disconnect of looking up at the screen while you draw was weird. Glad you got something ya like.


I have a Huion tablet and I love it! I was in the same situation as you. I had a Wacom where I would “draw” on the tablet, but what I “drew” would show up on my computer screen. It was just too weird for me, so my fancy Wacom sat in the corner and gathered dust for me. Since I got my Huion, it is hard for me to imagine getting anything done without it. It is an incredible time saver!
By the way, Tony, I said that I was going to put you on my blogroll, but because of the new “block editor”, which I absolutely ABHOR, I will not be able to find the time to do that. I’m sorry. At least I follow you!


Yes the draw on the screen tablet is definitely the way to go. The blogroll thing doesn’t matter. I hate the new & “improved” block editor system too. I don’t know why they just can’t leave things alone. We get used to a certain way of doing things then they change them again. Very annoying


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