#054 Fishing

Nuthin’ like a bit of fishing for rest & relaxation. Everyone knows if you want fish you have to go fishing in the fish pond not the frog pond. I’m left wondering if Phred Phrog will get the catch & release treatment or if he’ll be Devil’s Dinner. The photo below shows how Frog Fishing is supposed to be done. It’s better for the frogs this way.


12 replies on “#054 Fishing”

I was explaining to my 8-year-old son how your side of the world is having summer just today. He wondered how that worked.

I forgot about you having summer when I made this comment.


I can see how that could be confusing to a youngun’. What gets me is how we can sometimes see the moon during the day. That being the case how can it be seen on the other side of the planet at night at the same time we’re seeing it during the day? Flat Earth Theory perhaps???


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