Orphan Maggot

#057 Adoption

Adoption says you really care. Nothing worse than losing your Mother at such a tender young age. Maybe he will grow into a Fly who thinks he’s a Tasmanian Devil.

I heard once that because Devils are nocturnal & eat roadkill it puts them at risk of becoming night time roadkill themselves.

8 replies on “#057 Adoption”

But they’re good protein. Heh… And by the way, you are talented sir, old comic drawings or new. Best wishes! And thanks for the warning about extra kitty toes. ~grin~ We’ve thought the same thing, but so far, so good.


It is a very emotional moment David. It took a dozen or so takes to get this comic finally done as most takes he couldn’t get past panel 2. He just kept breaking down with grief & found it difficult to go on.
The maggot is doing it even tougher.


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