#058 Teddy Bear

This Teddy Bear tends to have a severe lack of meat.

Note: I had a motorcycle accident on Saturday & Monday was spent sorting out my insurance etc, hence I missed posting Monday’s comic. Therefore, here’s Thursday’s comic a day early. Or Monday’s comic 2 days late…


14 replies on “#058 Teddy Bear”

Thanks Dana. A car crossed onto my side of the road after taking a corner way too fast & I had nowhere to go except the gravel on the shoulder. I’d slowed down a fair bit before I actually crashed so the impact was fairly low key


That is an understandable cause for delay! I’m glad you aren’t seriously hurt and hope that driver stopped. Somehow, I doubt it, though. ~sigh~ Am I correct?

As for that bear, at least the stuffing provided plenty of fiber. 🙂 Be well, and best wishes on bike repairs.


The driver did stop thankfully. He was coming around the corner way too fast & crossed onto my side of the road. I had nowhere to go except off the side of the road into the gravel. All I got was a bruised elbow & my bike fairing got scratched up a fair bit but that’s covered by insurance.


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