#079 Turbo Fart

I used to think a Vacuum Powered Turbo Fart would boost fart toxicity by a mile when I was a kid. Looks like this Tassie Devil confirmed my thoughts. ♥

Note1: My first comic strip since June. I’m on 3 weeks holidays so thought I’d get back into it. I’ve been mostly focused on my YouTube videos for a long time but am starting to lose interest a bit so I thought I’d come back to comic creation. At least I didn’t delete this site while it was sitting idle.

Note 2: Here’s a link to my YouTube Channel if you’d like to take a peek. Go on… Do it, you know you want to

8 replies on “#079 Turbo Fart”

It’ll need a wash in an acid bath. Unlike my past webcomics, I think that the Tasmanian Devils are characters that feel really special to me. It’s like they are so much more part of me than any other characters I’ve had, if that makes any sense.


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