#100 – One Hundredth Comic Celebration!!!

Scroll Down for Celebration Photo

I bet you were expecting a huge Tassie Devil Party with beer, food, exotic strippers & a live band weren’t you? The Devils were too. But Hey, what can I say? I’m a cheapskate…

Not only did my Wife Michelle make a Cupcake, actually she made a batch of them, especially for the photo, but I had a wonderful lady who makes & sells Animal Softies made me up a Custom Special Edition Tasmanian Devil Softie to match my Tasmanian Devils Comic Characters. Happy 100th comic little fellas!!!

Note: I just realised that I should’ve worn my Tasmanian Devil T-shirt for the photo.Oh well maybe I’ll remember it for comic #200.

14 replies on “#100 – One Hundredth Comic Celebration!!!”

I thought maybe your cupcake would’ve been made with inappropriate ingredients, but I’m glad that it wasn’t. I didn’t want to have to bomb you at your party.

Congratulations on #100! Twink is going to bake a cake to celebrate.

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Ha Ha!!! Thanks Peter. I’m surprisingly still going nearly 2 years now & while I’ve had a few breaks from it, I haven’t deleted my site. AMAZING!!!
Note: Changing url when I switched from self-hosted to doesn’t count as it’s still the same comic


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