#055 Vegan

A Vegan Tasmanian Devil is an odd thing.

Lesson Learned: Never take a Rabbit’s Carrot

10 replies on “#055 Vegan”

This looks like the beginning of a personality disorder.

On another controversial note, humans going vegan is an odd thing considering we are omnivores.


I think the rabbit needs anger management. I went fish-o-tarian for a couple of years Dave which worked wonders for my arthritis. Still had dairy products though & the occasional burger/pizza/meat pie etc. Vegan would be too much of a stretch for me.
P.S. I could be wrong but I think you thought the left side devil turned into a rabbit. The rabbit came in from the left & the right side devil is out of frame in the 2nd & 3rd panels.


Thanks for explaining the comic. I did get confused. I thought maybe he ate so many carrots that he turned into a rabbit.

I try to mainly eat mainly protein and fat and very few carbs. Inflammation goes way down in my joints. Nice mental clarity to, when I stick to it.

I think the main problem probably comes from too many processed foods. Oh, and fructose. That little devil (no pun intended) causes a ton of health problems.


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